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Airbus pioneers sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Company constantly innovates to provide efficient and technologically-advanced solutions in aerospace, defence, and connected services. In commercial aircraft, Airbus offers modern and fuel-efficient airliners and associated services. Airbus is also a European leader in defence and security and one of the world's leading space businesses. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions and services worldwide.


Carestream NDT

Carestream NDT is a worldwide provider of radiographic imaging systems and products for NDT including computed radiography (CR) systems, direct radiography (DR) detectors, digital system plates and cassettes, digital image archiving, film, processing chemicals, equipment and accessories.

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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright, is an industry-leading supplier of sophisticated electronics products. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of highly engineered systems built to perform reliably in harsh conditions. We continue to lead the way in developing and marketing advanced solutions that address the rapidly evolving requirements of naval, aerospace and ground defense customers. With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics, packaging and systems challenges.




The dolphicam2 platform, quick to set up, easy to use and with limited training required, is now available in two screen sizes, producing real-time, analysis-ready A,B and live C-scans.   

The new dolphicam2+ model, featuring a 96% larger screen size, makes it ideally suited for inspection and quality control, in manufacturing and in service. The larger, brighter screen facilitates viewing, with additional processing power for running TFM.

Our transducers, ranging from 1.5MHz to 10MHz, provide a superior level of detail with their 128×128 element matrix array (16,384 live A scans!), enabling high quality real-time data in 1, 2, and 3D. This unique capability allows you to accurately inspect for a wide range of indications in both composites and metals, including porosity, voids, impact damage, corrosion, erosion, disbonding, delamination, and laminations.

Dolphicam2 is approved for use by two of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, for inspection of civil aircraft composites. The future of NDT has arrived.



DÜRR NDT provides ultra-high resolution computed radiography (CR) scanners, a wide range of mobile and stationary flat panels of the latest technology to fit all NDT applications, a state-of-art digital imaging software (D-Tect X) as well as a unique NDT Workflow Management solution (Drive NDT). On top of that, DÜRR NDT also manufacture X-ray film processors for mobile use plus its unique ‘green’ X-ray chemistry.

We are the only CR manufacturer worldwide with BAM certified 30um basic spatial resolution capability!



EikoSim is a software company enabling users to leverage validated simulation models to support design decisions. In order to achieve that, EikoSim built EikoTwin, a data fusion platform for exchanging test and simulation results and managing interactions between test and simulation people. This platform integrates the latest development in image processing to bring immense amounts of real-world data in the simulation framework. EikoSim assists their customer to leverage as much test data as possible and put it to good use for a more informed decision-making.



Dedication to Innovation

Fujifilm consistently evolved over the last century, establishing itself as a Global market in the business fields of Photo Imaging and Printing, Graphic Systems, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, Medical Systems, Industrial Products and Recording Media. Embracing the challenge of a sharp decline in photographic film demand, Fujifilm moved into the new century seeking innovative ways of applying its fundamental proprietary technologies and expertise.

Structural integrity from Fujifilm

Whether for jet engine maintenance, the automotive industry or testing the structural integrity of buildings, our systems in the field of industrial products provide maximum security in nondestructive material testing (NDT). Our industrial products include conventional and digital x ray solutions, touch sensitive pressure measuring films for visual inspection of pressure and heat distribution, as well as microfilm for long term archiving.



Industry market leaders HBM and Brüel & Kjær have joined forces as HBK - Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer to form the world’s foremost provider of integrated test, measurement, control and simulation solutions.

HBK – Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer provides a complete portfolio of solutions across the test and measurement product life cycle, that unites the physical world of sensors, testing and measurement with the digital world of simulation, modelling software and analysis. By creating a scalable and open data acquisition hardware, software and simulation ecosystem, product developers can cut time-to-market, drive innovation and take the lead in a highly competitive global marketplace.


IMV Europe

Established in 1957, IMV CORPORATION specializes in environmental testing, measurement and analysis equipment for vibration-related applications. We are proud of our high-performance test systems, which are used in Aerospace and Defence applications and for a variety of other industrial products to help ensure the high quality and reliability for which Japanese technology is famous.

In 2011, IMV Corporation started sales and technical support activities in Europe with the opening of IMV Europe Ltd. With the formation of 1g Dynamics in 2017, IMV can support our customers with the full range of service and maintenance of shakers, including those of different brands.
1g rewinds armatures for any shaker and stocks spare parts for most shakers in the market. Further, 1g can support the testing requirements of our Customers with test house services; helping with an overload of work or when a shaker system is out of action.  This supported by our in-house design engineering and project capability.

In addition to standard vibration test systems, IMV also manufactures specialized, all-weather systems capable of testing vibration in a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions. IMV is a world-leader in multi-degree of freedom vibration test systems, which can reproduce more realistic field vibration. In recent years, we have evolved beyond the framework of a typical shaker manufacturer to focus on internationally respected testing and solutions services.

With our slogan “Secure the Future”, IMV continues to contribute to the creation of a safe, comfortable, and ecologically sound society. We will strengthen our operational foundations and achieve sustainable growth by leveraging our globally competitive R&D capability and provision of full-turnkey solutions.


IncoTest UK
Interface Force Measurements Ltd

Interface Force Measurements are specialist in single axis Force, Multi Axis, Torque and Pressure measurement solutions with a strong belief in supplying the best solutions possible. This belief is backed by the range of high quality, high accuracy force, torque and pressure mapping solutions we supply from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. These include;

Single, dual and triple axis load cells and torque transducers from Interface Force; Six axis transducers and force plates from AMTI: Pressure mapping sensors and systems from XSensor Technology Corp. We also supply a complete range of amplifiers, indicators, data loggers and other electronics to support our aim to provide the complete measurement solution

These products are back by a quality of pre and post sales support which is second to none.


iX Cameras

iX Cameras is a world-leading technology and product company specializing in the field of high-speed (slow motion) imaging. Based on proprietary innovative technologies, we design, build and sell cutting-edge ultra-fast cameras and software for a wide range of advanced scientific research applications. The latest i-SPEED 7 Series model with capabilities of 2.45 million frames per second and 2072x1536 resolution at 8,512 fps makes this camera ideal for ballistics, material testing, and many other defense and aerospace applications that require the best combination of high speed and resolution.
Our commitment to innovate and push the boundaries of high-speed video science is the reason we develop technically superior and easy-to-use high-speed cameras and software that our customers use to attain the highest scientific achievements. The innovation of our i-SPEED brand of cameras is backed by our global service and support teams, ensuring our customers' success.


Luna Innovations

Luna Innovations (NASDAQ: LUNA) is a leader in optical technology, committed to serving its customers with unique capabilities in high-performance, fiber-optic-based sensing, measurement, testing and control products for the aerospace, transportation, infrastructure, security, defense, and automotive industries, among others.  Developing and deploying advanced technologies for aerospace communications and avionics, lightweighting and specialty coatings requires high-quality, advanced test and measurement capabilities.  Precise, accurate measurements, whether in product development, manufacturing or operations, are essential to ensure the reliability and quality of  mission-critical assets. Luna's fiber optic sensing platforms, ODiSI and HYPERION, solve many of the industries' most challenging measurement needs, especially those related to the introduction of advanced lightweight composite materials and electrification. Specialized test instruments diagnose onboard fiber optic avionics networks with unmatched precision. Additionally, Luna's T-Gauge terahertz gauging systems deliver the precision and accuracy required for the manufacturing, non-destructive testing and maintenance of today's advanced military coatings.



Enabling the extraordinary is our vision: innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Meggitt. We consistently deliver solutions for the most challenging environments where teamwork and collaboration matters: 160 years of expertise and innovation inspires everything we do. Customers worldwide rely on our advanced technologies, products and services for aerospace, defence and selected energy applications.

At Engines Systems we understand that improving engine efficiency and reliability, as well as enhancing safety and minimising downtime are top priorities for aerospace and power generation engine manufacturers. We use our expertise to drive developments and provide high quality products and systems, enabling customers to reliably operate critical infrastructure without disruption.

We are delivering our vision through our focus on creating smart engineering for extreme environments. This is how we work. And this is who we are.


North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging manufactures industrial 2D Digital Radiography & 3D Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray equipment. Industrial X-ray scanning is often used for R&D, Failure Analysis, Quality Control, Internal Measurements, High-Speed 3D Scanning & more. X-ray scanning allows users to view & inspect the external & internal structures of a part without destroying it. NSI's efX® CT integrates the most powerful CT reconstruction & visualization software available, including modules for calibration, measurement, real-time density segmentation & surface extraction. NSI also offers X-ray Inspection Services at their 5 global sites in Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, UK and China. NSI is ISO 9001:2015 certified.



QinetiQ is a global integrated defence and security company focused on mission-led innovation for defence, security and civil customers around the world. We are 6000 people creating new ways of protecting what matters most; testing technologies, systems, and processes to make sure they work as expected; and enabling customers to deploy new and enhanced-existing capabilities with the assurance they will deliver the outcomes required. Visit our website www.QinetiQ.com, follow us on twitter @QinetiQ, visit our blog www.QinetiQ-blogs.com.


Safran Data Systems

Safran Data Systems, a SAFRAN Company, designs and manufactures a wide range of products and solutions dedicated to Aerospace, Defense and Communications:

  • On-Board and Ground Telemetry equipment and solutions for Aircraft, Helicopters, Urban Air Mobility, UAVs, Missiles & Launch Vehicles
  • Flight Test equipment and Ground Stations solutions available as fixed, mobile and shipborne
  • TT&C Base-Band, High Data Rate Receivers and RF equipment for Satellite Manufacturers (AIT), Space Agencies (Scientific Missions) & Satellite Operators (Control Centers)
  • Earth Observation Satellites Base-Band equipment and Ground Stations for Commercial Operators or Space Agencies
  • Satellite Communications and Space Awareness solutions for accurate Satellite Ephemeris estimation, Space Traffic Management and Quality of Service Monitoring
  • Mission recorders for Pilot Training and ISR applications


Telspan Data

Telspan Data is a leader in ground-based and ruggedized telemetry technologies. We design and manufacture ruggedized recorders, switches, gateways & TAPs along with telemetry ground systems & “data fusion” software.  Our Multi-Disciplined product architecture leverages open standards and the latest SoC, data transmission and processing technologies. These products give Instrumentation & Test Engineers unparalleled flexibility and capability as the testing requirements change and grow.



TEST-FUCH’s 70-year heritage has seen the steady development of aerospace test equipment keeping pace with the ever-changing requirements of the aviation industry. From the early days of analogue controlled electro-mechanical test stands, designed for the F-104G, the company has continued to develop ever more agile, sophisticated and digitally controlled test systems for 4th and 5th Generation fighter aircraft, along with the most modern civil air transport aircraft, particularly the AIRBUS and BOEING fleet ranges. Today, TEST-FUCHS delivers a wide range of test equipment for both the military and civil markets, supporting aircraft OEMs, operators and MROs across the globe with either a standard product range or bespoke systems built to customer specifications. Test stands and equipment provide precise and certified testing of aircraft hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic, electrical power generation, Oxygen-Nitrogen, air conditioning and even waste-line systems. In addition, the company produces a range of hand-held tools, such as bonding and loop resistance testers for airframe electrical conductivity testing. Contact the TEST-FUCHS team at www.test-fuchs.com.



Testia is an Airbus company with over 25 years of experience in Aerostructure Inspections and Non Destructive Testing. Thanks to its global presence with facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, Testia can provide worldwide services and a global solution to the industry needs.

With a unique range of NDT products and services, Testia is the end-to-end Aerospace NDT provider. It offers a broad range of NDT and Quality Inspection Equipment for quick and efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly. Testia also trains and qualifies personnel in all NDT methods, at all qualification levels, as well as providing inspections, consultancy and engineering services.



Thermotron Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Environmental and Vibration Test Equipment supporting a wide range of products for Aerospace Testing Applications. Our expertise is around delivering solutions to support Temperature, Humidity, Altitude and Vibration testing ensuring quality with exceptional product reliability and an after sales and service department to maintain product longevity. Our advanced touch screen program controllers use Windows 10 as the platform for ease of navigation and are packed with embedded software features to ensure real time data analysis and connectivity. Please visit our web site to find out more information.


The specialist for customized X-ray inspection solutions and automation

VisiConsult is a family owned company located in Northern Germany and known as the leading supplier for customized and standard X-ray inspection systems. To ensure a premium quality, all products are developed and produced locally as turnkey solutions. This leads to cutting edge technology and an unmatched flexibility.

Our goal is to solve inspection problems with tailored systems, while guaranteeing a premium post-sales service. More than 25 years of expertise in industrial (NDT) and security applications combined with experienced engineers result in solutions that set new industry standards. Discover the invisible!


Vision Research

Vision Research is the leader in high-speed imaging, with over 60 years of experience. As pioneers in digital high-speed camera technology and development, Vision Research’s Phantom high-speed cameras lead the industry in frame rate, resolution and image quality. Their broad portfolio of cameras have application in many industries. The recent release of the revolutionary Phantom TMX 7510 camera has brought new technology to the high-speed imaging world.  Capable of reaching 75,000 fps at full 1 Mpx resolution the TMX 7510 is an ideal tool for glass propagation, range applications, ballistics, combustion, and any other defense or aerospace application that occurs at extreme speeds. Vision Research is committed to continue its leadership with innovative camera technology and imaging solutions.


VJ Technologies

VJ Technologies designs, engineers and manufactures world-class X-ray imaging software and hardware products, solutions, and provides inspection services for industry, academia, and government organizations.

Founded in 1987, VJT is a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions with locations in the United States, UK, France, India and China to provide a true global level of service. We apply our radioscopic digital imaging expertise to government agencies and nondestructive testing (NDT) markets throughout the world.

 VJT develops and manufactures a complete line of automated, manual, and turnkey X-ray inspection systems. Primary market sectors include: aerospace, automotive, electronics, remediation, nuclear, oil & gas, and pipe & weld applications. VJT X-ray inspection systems are used for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reducing cost and time while increasing quality and safety.

 VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through our network of global offices. In the 21st century, VJT continues to nurture emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions for global customers.



YXLON International designs and produces radioscopic and computed tomography inspection systems for the widest variety of applications and fields. Whether situated in the aviation & aerospace, automotive, or electronics industry, our customers are among the largest producers, major enterprises that place their confidence in our quality worldwide.

The name Yxlon stands for quality and safety for all types of cast parts, electronic components, turbine blades, welded joints, and a lot more. The development of new materials and new production techniques such as additive manufacturing go hand in hand with non-destructive computed tomography providing three-dimensional insights into the inner structures of components for detailed material analyses.

The use of x-ray systems at- or inline production ensures product quality and enables process optimization for increased yield and profitability.

With locations in Germany, Ohio, Japan, China, and Taiwan and a global network of agents, we are on-site with our customers everywhere.