Advanced materials testing

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 11:30 - 12:00

More complex material models, especially for composites, create a need for more sophisticated testing and post-processing (identification) techniques. In the case of anisotropic damage models, some of them need tens of parameters to be identified in order for the numerical model to be credible, and engineers have to rely on in-house development of adapted specimens since test standards don't cover them. The use of more recent testing techniques (optical fibers, DIC, acoustic emission) is also often mandatory to pull more information from these tests than traditional instrumentation. Moreover, test and simulation engineers have to work hand-in-hand to make sure the model can be validated. Learn more about recent advances in experiment design, acquisition techniques (notably DIC), and test/simulation data management for material model identification.

Frédéric Laurin, Research Scientist, ONERA

Florent Mathieu, CEO, Eikosim