Track 1: Addressing the engineering challenges of hydrogen infrastructures

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 15:45 - 16:15

The challenges of the transition to renewable fuels across our energy systems is stark. Hydrogen offers an elegant solution across the whole energy supply chain from production, infrastructure, storage and end use – aligned with its ability to couple many hard to decarbonise energy users. However, the material science for making the transition needs careful scrutiny and expertise to support the transition in the most rapid and cost effective manner. Element Materials Technology has operated across the whole energy supply chain and many of the key end users in the supply chain, such as aerospace for many years with its material science expertise. This talk presents how Element is leading the transition to hydrogen with its clients, taking its historical knowledge and expertise of Oil and Gas, and end user materials challenges to allow infrastructures to make the necessary transition to hydrogen in coming years in the shortest possible timescale.

Mark Eldridge, Market Director for Renewables, Element