Track 2: Challenges of integrated measurement systems for large scale testing

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 13:45 - 14:15

One of the biggest challenges in the context of Large Scale Testing is the difference in scales and granularity of the measurements required. The results are typically used for the validation of finite element modelling and this can appear at different scales. The physical logistics of a large scale test rig can also present challenges of access to physically install measurement devices, and block lines of sight for optical measurement techniques. Furthermore the measurement of different parameters also require different metrology technologies to be used and these are typically stand-alone measurement systems and not all linked together into one central system. The final challenge is to integrate the end-to-end process in this single data platform, from definition of the measurement requirements through to post-processing and comparison of the data.

Paul Richardson, Expert in Metrology, Airbus

Eszter Szigeti, Expert in Advanced Data Capture and Correlation, Airbus