Track 1: The path towards zero-emission aviation: retrofit for hydrogen-electric powertrains

Thursday, 30 September 2021 12:00 - 12:30

As hydrogen-electric solutions emerge as a frontrunner in the race to bring about zero-emission commercial aviation, ZeroAvia is at the forefront of securing deals for both retrofit and line-fit into existing airframe designs. This is a complex process and requires innovative thinking in order to adapt and fit novel powertrains into conventional airframes in certifiable configurations. James McMicking, VP Strategy at ZeroAvia, will explore this topic and discuss how ZeroAvia, the leading developer of hydrogen-electric powertrains for commercial-size aircraft, is tackling this challenge. James will detail ZeroAvia’s rollout plans for the commercial launch of its ZA600 engine in 2024, which will service aircraft up to 19 seats, and how they are working with airframe manufacturers and OEMs to ensure aircraft are appropriately retrofitted to integrate the powertrain once certified. In addition, James will also explain how the company plans to scale its engine to larger aircraft, what that process will look like for retrofitting aircraft with up to 80 seats, and how future aircraft will need to be built in order to account for larger zero-emission engines. Finally, James will overview ZeroAvia’s various partnerships with aviation industry leaders, including Otto, De Havilland Canada and MHIRJ, as it is through collaborative efforts that help make the transition to carbon-free flight seamless by developing comprehensive testing processes and engineering programs to incorporate hydrogen-electric engines into their operations.

James McMicking, VP Strategy, ZeroAvia